Kathryn Bury

I was born in Schumacher Ontario and raised in Barrie Ontario, it was in these settings that I developed a life long appreciation and love of nature which I feel is reflected in my landscapes.

For many years church work, raising a family and professional work was my focus. At the age of 66, retired with family and grandchildren grown, I decided it was time to move forward. When a photography course that I enrolled in was cancelled I noticed they also had a Watercolour course "Nothing ventured nothing gained" my mother use to say, so I joined Donnah Cameron's art class.

My first day was a shock; the class consisted of rather accomplished artists and me. (I had never had any sort of art instruction, not even in school) I was given a list of supplies to buy and now 10 years later, a lot of frustration, prayers and ruined paintings; I begin to feel like an artist.

The past 10 years has been a growth journey, Spiritually and Artistically. I have studied under many artists including classes at the Newmarket, and Blue Mountain School of Fine Arts, Loyalist College and Art work shops.

After the first year of study my instructor Donnah Cameron encouraged me to enter an Art Show. The 1st Art Show I entered, I was thrilled to sell my 1st painting. Other firsts came, a write up in the local paper, a winning ribbon, placing 1st in the Aurora Art Show (even winning over my previous instructor's entry), and several "Best" in Show Awards.

I always keep in mind that like finding the Gospel I felt it was through the Holy Spirit that I was given this opportunity to create and express my love of nature. I begin each painting with a prayer of thanks and gratitude to my Heavenly Father and ask him to guide my hand over the paper or canvas. I often complete a piece of Art and wonder "how did I do that". I am so thankful that at this age of life I can continue to grow and develop talents that I certainly never thought I had.

I once asked my instructor when I was having trouble painting trees, was there anyway to do this so they looked like trees, she said "go home and paint a thousand then come back and ask me". Several hundred trees later I got the message. Through prayer, hard work and perseverance, 10 years later I can now paint a tree that looks somewhat like a tree.

My Art work is now on display at the Georgian Art Gallery in Sutton Ontario, Aurora Town Hall and The Barristers Lounge in Newmarket Courthouse, I show and sell my work at various venues in Ontario. My paintings are hung in private collections in Canada and the United States. My studio is my kitchen in my home in Bradford Ontario.