Jim Woods

After serving in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Meteorologist Mate I worked for the Meteorological Service of Canada. This included a few years as a member of the Canadian Ice Patrol where I travelled the arctic extensively on both long range patrol aircraft and on helicopters flying off Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers. I completed my career in air quality research.

Art has always been a passion and I was always drawing and painting along the way.

Formal training in art was taken at Seneca College and then further courses were taken at the Newmarket School of Fine Art. I continue to attend workshops and lectures to keep up to date on the art scene and to tackle new ideas. I have worked in most media including watercolour, acrylic and pen and ink but have settled on oils as the preferred medium. Depending on the subject matter I will paint on either canvas, masonite or birch panel.

Landscape painting has been the main focus of my work however I do branch out into animal portraits and some still life. Most of the current work is from Southern Ontario where the fall colours in particular offer some beautiful scenes just a short drive away. Inspiration comes from mother nature and it's nice to see if that scene that caught your eye can be re-created in a painting so that others may enjoy it also.

Currently hanging in private collections in:


Recent awards include a contest winner in the Town of Bradford for art to be used for promotional purposes.

Website: www.facebook.com/jimwoodsart