Blog - Meet Shir Fox

This week we will be featuring glass artist Shir Fox. Born and raised in North York, just north of downtown Toronto, Shir creates one-of-a-kind unique glass pieces.

How did you get started in your work?

After attending York University, I decided to pursue a corporate career. Most of my career I was a National Account Manager. I worked in the corporate world for thirty-two years, and I was looking for a change outside the corporate world.

I was always interested in nature, arts and crafts since I was a child. In 2011, I attended a workshop on glass fusing and fell in love with the craft. After that, I studied under the guidance of North American Renowned glass artists; Petra Kaiser and Amanda Taylor. In 2013, I decided to put all my efforts into expanding my own art in the glass field and my company FoxFire Glass Arts was born.

I attended a business incubation program that provided me with the skills to open my own business. I purchased a couple of kilns, making many journeys to glass suppliers within North America and began producing my one-of-a kind unique glass pieces.

What inspires you to create?

I am inspired simply, by nature. This comes from the years I spent on my family farm and travelling to many places in the world. My art primarily contains flowers, trees, and mammals that live on both the land and sea.

What is your favorite piece you have created and why?

My favorite piece is Frog on a Lily Pad, since it challenged me to create something in 3D and is also realistic looking.

I also love to repurpose bottles, windows and tempered glass into functional pieces.

What advice would you give to someone who wants a career in art?

It is a tough sell, kind of like getting into acting. Have another form of income. People say “starving artist” for a reason.

Don’t miss out on seeing many of Shir’s creations at this year’s Studio Tour from September 16 - 18. She will be displaying her work at her studio – 20 Hulst Drive, in Bradford Ontario.
Shir is a member of the South Simcoe Arts Council, and the Ontario Clay and Glass Association. She was also very active in the former Bradford Arts Guild and worked on the Board of Directors.