Blog - Meet Corrine Donnelly

For this year’s studio tour, we will be featuring all the artists who are displaying their work at the tour throughout the summer. You will learn about each artist, highlighting his or her journey and what drives each artist to create.

This week we are featuring Corrine Donnelly. Corrine has participated in the Bradford West Gwillimbury Studio Art Tour every year since 2009 except for one year. She has also been one of the organizers of the tour’s student silent auction for charity since 2010.

What kind of work do you create?

My current painting technique is a watercolour and wax batik method. I love exploring its effects and its surprises.

What inspires you to create?

I am inspired by what I see and by what I’d like to see. So, yes, fairies appear in meadows at dawn, they flit about like fireflies at dusk, and they hide in non-fairy paintings as well. Sometimes, the fairy thoughts that come to me while I am painting inspire me to write fairy poetry. What can I say? I enjoy being an artist. Plus, my heritage is Nova Scotia Scot and fairies are part of my story. They make me smile. They tickle my sense of fantasy, and they remind me that our world is filled with many wonders and beauties. I was very excited over a solo “Fairy Happenings” exhibit that I had at the BWG Library a few years back. When one of my closest friends asked me if I really believed in fairies, she made my year!

Tell me about the exhibit you will be showing this year the at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Studio Art Tour?

Along with watercolour batik paintings, this exhibit also includes regular watercolour and acrylic pieces, plus my little garden fairy doors. From their wood burned details, to their little door handles and shapes, these miniature wooden doors welcome the fairies into your garden or your home.

What is your favourite piece you have created?

My favourite painting, “The River Fairy”, brought my childhood love of the fairy world back to me.

What advice would you give to someone who wants a career in art?

My advice to someone who is thinking of art as a career in today's world, is that if you choose art because it is your passion, and if you are willing to work hard, then you should be able to find your way among the ever expanding connections between creativity, communication and technology. You'll also be doing something you love!

Don’t miss out on seeing many of Corrine’s creations at this year’s Studio Tour. She will be displaying her work at the Bradford Public Library from September 16 – 18th.

Corrine lives in Bradford with her husband and their little dog, Lexi. Her real children don't live too far away. She enjoys painting, reading, writing, sharing fairy lore of all genres and spending time with loved ones and friends.

For more information about different paintings, fairy doors or lessons, please text 905-251-7293 or email