Blog - Meet Angela Lescard

This week we are talking to Angela Lescard, an acrylic artist.

What kind of work of you create?

Mostly abstract but also figurative, still life and landscape.

How did you get started in your work?

I started 35 years ago out of interest.

I started to paint in my late 20's out of sheer interest and have been learning and painting ever since. I am still learning.

What inspires you to create?

My inspiration comes from nature and science.

The study of all natural things reveals different textures, patterns, aesthetic balance, colours and in general awe at the creation all around us. Science is an investigative study of nature so that through scientific discoveries in the world around us we can see the interconnectedness of all things including animals and humans. Have you ever compared the aerial view of rivers and streams and the pattern in a simple maple leaf?

What is your favorite piece you have created and why?

My favorite piece is an abstract piece I did 2 years ago called "Circus". It is my favorite because it is playful and has happy swirly colours.

What advice would you give to someone who wants a career in art?

All artists struggle because every new creation is like a child of ours that we put out there for people to either relate with or not.

My artistic journey is not so much a conscious one as it is a natural need to express myself visually. It is a proven psychological fact that to have some sort of creative outlet is what makes a human whole, (eg. Cave art) it's a primitive instinct. I would encourage any form of creative outlet just for the sake of staying whole - after all, the earth without art would just be 'eh'!

I sign my pieces AAM because my maiden name (I have been widowed twice) is Angela Antonia Marrone.

Rock on fellow artists. Peace, love and groovy.

You can catch Angela at this year's Studio Tour from September 16 - 18 at the Bradford Public Library.